A thorough examination of the mouth, teeth, and surrounding gums for signs of disease, damage, and wear.  A great (and cost effective!) way to ensure a healthy mouth!  Our oral exams are a great value, are done thoroughly, and best of all, are pain free!

This detailed and highly recommended examination checks the interior and exterior of the mouth (including the lips, gums, and tongue) for any lesions, lumps, ulcers, or masses that may indicate the presence of oral cancer.  Oral cancer is highly treatable and very curable if caught in the early stages, so we take this service very seriously!  Consult with us today, it could not only save your teeth, it could save your life!

Fillings are used to restore a tooth’s proper structure, shape, and function, should any part of the tooth become unusable due to trauma or disease.  Though the metallic-colored fillings of yesteryear are what come to mind when most people think about fillings, we use composite materials to repair your tooth with a “tooth-colored” filling that is virtually undetectable from your original tooth!

We offer a full complement of dental restoration services, with crowns and bridges being one of our many specialties.  Crowns are generally needed when dental trauma or a dental cavity threatens the health of the tooth, and can also be used to improve the strength or appearance of the tooth.  We can also fix missing teeth by creating a custom-fitted dental bridge consisting of a series of artificial teeth that are joined together.  Crowns and bridges are common types of dental restoration that can vastly improve oral health and overall quality of life.

Extraction is a removal of the tooth from the mouth, a sometimes necessary procedure where dental trauma or tooth decay has rendered the tooth unrestorable.  Other reasons include routine course procedures, such as wisdom tooth extraction and strategic extractions to make room of orthodontic treatments.  We’re experts at removing troublesome, damaged, or painful teeth.  Consult with us today on how we can help you!

X-rays are commonly used in dentistry to get an unparalleled view of the teeth, gums, and oral cavity for use in diagnosing the overall health and fitness of the teeth, gums, and jaw.  X-rays can detect cavities, cancerous or benign masses, hidden or emerging teeth, and bone loss that cannot be seen during a visual oral examination.  At Little Tokyo Dental Group, we use the latest digital x-ray technology, allowing us to get an unprecedented view of your oral health, allowing us to serve you much more effectively than with traditional x-rays!

Computer monitors in every room provide educational procedure videos and headphones to provide our patients with relaxing entertainment or educational content to make their stay entertaining and informational.

We provide a variety of preventative services, such as sealants, fluoride gel, and varnish to help promote long-term tooth health and function. These substances help strengthen teeth, prevent food from getting stuck in tooth crevices, and can halt, and in many cases prevent, the development of cavities.

Periodontal diseases - or any disease that effects the gums and other oral tissue that support the teeth - are common oral diseases.  Gums that are red, puffy, sore, swollen, or itchy can be indicative of periodontal diseases, and we employ aggressive, time-proven methods for eradicating them quickly.  Our treatments range from non-surgical tactics, like the establishment of good oral hygiene (the best preventer) and the actual removal of plaque and tartar from the affected region, to more serious methods, including tooth alteration, bite adjustment, surgery, and tooth replacement.

Dentures (artificial teeth) and partials (a less than full set of artificial teeth) are called for when teeth that are missing need to be replaced.  Dentures are one of the most useful dental appliances: they can restore the ability to process food, help people speak better, as well as restore a beautiful full smile!  Our dentists are experts at every stage of denture implementation: from initial consultation and exam, to design, construction, and final fitting!

Patient comfort is one of our primary concerns, so we are proud to have integrated “The Wand” into our practice.  This computerized local anesthesia delivery system is a revolutionary and state-of-the-art method to consistently and comfortably administer local anesthesia.  It significantly reduces discomfort and anxiety compared to a conventional syringe by its effective flow controlled anesthetic delivery with a pen-like hand piece.

A safe and easy way for our dentists to operate in your mouth pain free!  More commonly referred to as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide has been a safe, effective, and time-proven way for dentists to sedate patients and relieve pain for over 150 years.

Veneers and Lumineers protect, restore, and beautify teeth, and we offer them to our patients at fantastic rates.  We apply a thin layer of restorative material over the surface of the tooth which protects the tooth’s structure, repairs damaged parts, and restores the tooth’s luster and shine.  Veneers and Lumineers can protect your teeth and brighten your smile at the same time!

Our advanced endodontic therapy eliminates the infection residing in a tooth by treating the “pulp”- the place where the nerve tissue and blood vessels are found.  This procedure, more commonly referred to as a “root canal,” also protects the rest of the tooth from future microbial contamination.  In a root canal, the pulp is removed, the hollow tooth is thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated, and then subsequently filled in again with an inert substance.  Though root canals are traditionally looked upon with loathing a fear, the modern root canal, perfected at Little Tokyo Dental Group, is a quick, clean, and near-painless procedure.

Many people are unaware that they grind their teeth or snore because they do it while they sleep.  It can also be mild and occasional or aggressive and frequent.  Our dentists will carefully diagnose your current condition to prevent further damage to your teeth and the surrounding structures.  We offer a number of dental appliances to treat various conditions including bruxism (grinding and clenching of teeth), snoring or sleep apnea, and TMD (Dysfunction of the Temporomandibular joint).  Custom-made mouth guards and dental appliances are more comfortable and superior in protection and function than over-the-counter products you fit yourself at home.

Handheld mini camera takes up-close photos of the teeth and gums, which is projected on a computer monitor, allowing patients to view exactly what the dentist sees - decay, cracks, bleeding or receding gum lines.  With this knowledge, patients can make educated decisions regarding their dental work.

Tooth whitening (or bleaching) is a simple, non-invasive dental treatment used to change the color of natural tooth enamel and is an ideal way to enhance the beauty of your smile.  We offer two options if you are interested in whitening your teeth.  Zoom! in-office whitening system is a safe, effective, and fast bleaching process that lightens discoloration of enamel and dentin.  Zoom! is ideal for anyone looking for immediate results since your teeth will be dramatically whiter in a single visit.  Professional take-home teeth whitening kit requires a custom-fitted mouth tray (bleaching tray) to keep the whitening solution on the surface of the tooth to be whitened for a certain period of time and provides excellent results in a few weeks of prescribed use.  No matter which method you choose, this is the first step in feeling good and looking great with brighter, whiter teeth!

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots we implant in the jawbone to support restorative structures (such as artificial teeth) in a patient’s mouth.  Our dentists are experts in this procedure and can perform with little cost in time and pain to the patient!

Dental trauma covers damage to the oral cavity, including damage to the teeth, gums, tongue, lips, and jaw.  Broken, chipped, or lost teeth are the most common dental traumas.  Treatment varies and is dependent on the circumstances, but almost always includes the taking of x-rays to assess damage, a thorough cleaning to prevent infection, and then one or more restorative procedures.  For a damaged tooth, if the trauma is cosmetic only, the tooth may be reshaped, and a crown or veneer might be applied.  If the trauma is more serious (i.e. the inner pulp of the tooth has been damaged), a root canal might be performed, or the tooth might be extracted.  We offer a wide and complete array of dental trauma repair services, and our dentists are well trained, experienced experts in all assessment and repair procedures.